Science is wrong.

Let me be very clear: Science is correct. It is trustworthy. But it is still commits three mortal sins.

Science is taught wrong. Science has wrong labels. And most importantly, science is not strong enough.

The first wrong of science is not with science itself, but with the way it’s taught. Students are dragged through the historical mire, made to suffer the same confusion that our forebearers faced. Humanity discovered the laws of the universe like seven blind monks discovering an elephant. We found the legs and thought they were tree trunks, then we found the tail and thought it a paintbrush, then we found the trunk and thought it a fire hose. Now that we see the connected elephant, we shouldn’t drag students through the confusion of the past.

The second wrong is not with the scientific method, but with the way we named things which science forged. Half the discoveries of science were named before they were understood. The other half are named for the people who discovered them. These shoddy names tie science tightly to its history and place an unnecessary burden of memorization upon students.

The third wrong is a problem within science itself. Science is naught but a method of thinking. It is better than what came before, but it is not strong enough. Like many of the models that science has produced, science itself is correct but not complete. A successor has been found.

For these reasons, simplifience will not use science. It will be both less and more.

Simplifience is less than science because it refuses to teach you the wrongs before it teaches you the rights.

Simplifience is more than science because it goes beyond.