Symbols are not what they symbolize. Zero is not nothing – zero is a symbol with means nothing.

Language is powerful. My words can hold many meanings.

Minds work differently. We do not think in the same way.

As such, words which I think are perfectly clear may hold a completely different meaning for you. Words are an imperfect medium.

Descriptions that work for you may seem completely impenetrable to me. Descriptions that you think are useless or tautological might be mind-blowing to me. For this reason, I will say things in many different ways, hoping that one of them speaks to you.

Remember that even if we’re saying the same words and nodding our heads we might be thinking completely different things. It is easy to exchange words, thinking we’ve exchanged ideas, when really we might as well be speaking different languages.

Here’s an anecdote from a wise man with more than his fair share of exchanging ideas.