Reality is not unusual. Reality just is.

Reality is not surprising. Surprise is what happens when you discover that your model of the universe was incorrect. But though you may be surprised, reality is not. It cannot be. Reality has always acted how it has acted. All of the surprise is yours.

Reality is not mysterious. If you do not know how it works, then you carry mystery in your mind. If you are ignorant, then there are mysterious realms on your map of the universe. But the map is not the territory, and there is no mystery in reality itself. Reality just works, and always has.

If reality seems counter intuitive, then it is your intuitions which must change. It is your intuitions which run counter to reality, not reality which runs counter to you. It is your brain, forged in the narrow region which towers above the molecules and cowers below the stars, which makes poor assumptions. It is your idea of the way things should be that runs counter to reality.

Reality is not strange: it is the way things are and always have been. Quantum physics is not strange: it is the way things are and always have been. Relativity is not strange: it is the way things are and always have been. Perhaps these things are strange to you, but that is a failure of your imagination, not an attribute of the real world. The map is not the territory.

Reality is not weird. Reality just is. If you wish to understand it, you must first stop accusing it of confusion. You must accept that the strangeness is in your mind, not in the world itself. The confusion is a part of you, not a part of reality. Reality is not absurd. What is absurd is the misconceptions that let you think reality was any other way.

If you want to understand reality you must be willing to change your strange beliefs. You must be willing to let go of your shoddy intuition. You must be able to listen to reality and willing to change when you learn that the world doesn’t work the way you imagined it.

If you want to learn how the universe works, you have to come to the universe on its own terms. You must stop labeling it mysterious and learn to think like a native.

This is your reality. You live here. You already are a native. It’s time to think like one.

Since the beginning
Not one unusual thing
Has ever happened

Eliezer Yudkowsky