The human mind is the single most powerful artifact that we know of.

Airplanes are very complex artifacts. So are computers. We don’t except to see a single computer floating through the void of space, anywhere. We don’t believe that one single computer (as powerful as an earth computer) ever popped into existence anywhere in all of the universe that we can see.

No computer spontaneously appeared in any sun. No computer popped out of any volcano. Computers are very rare. We wouldn’t expect to find one anywhere –

Except near a human mind.

We have an extraordinary power to steer the future. We have an unrivaled ability to create things which are ridiculously improbable. There is not a single rock in the reaches of space where we expect something as ordered as a computer to spontaneously appear except in close proximity to an intelligent mind.

And when there is an intelligent mind nearby – then we expect computers constantly. We expect ridiculous complexities like rocket ships and the internet.

When we look up to the night sky, we don’t expect the stars to come to us. We don’t expect to be conquered by distant galaxies. We expect them to move, sure – but we don’t expect them to take any willful action at all. Oh, sure, there might be other minds out in those stars – if there are, we expect grand things from them. But there is no non-mind out there which will give us trouble.

It is somewhat unlikely that we will make it to the stars. There is a good chance that humanity will die here, in the cradle of earth.

But when we look up at those stars, we can imagine going there. We can imagine colonizing them. We can imagine controlling the fate of the universe. And we might just be able to pull it off.

Even if we don’t, we expect the destiny of creation will be controlled by some mind. Even if it is not a human mind, it is hard to conceive of a future where only the stars remain.

The stars just go about their business. They do not force the future into ridiculously narrow paths. They cannot hit a complexity target as tiny as a computer. There are no cars, no space ships, and no computers anywhere in the universe except in the company of a mind. Only minds hold the power to steer the future.

Only minds hold the reins of destiny.

Humanity – that grand collection of minds – is already grasping those reins. They are ours to keep and ours to lose, by dint of how we use our minds.

The human mind is the single most powerful object in the known universe: and you’re driving one.

You’re steering one.

What, I wonder, will you do with it?