Next time you find yourself below a dark night sky, look up. Take a moment to wonder at the beauty of the stars.

Humans have revered the stars since the dawn of thought. In those tiny lights we saw constellations and mythologies. We saw light streaming through pinpricks in the velvet heavens.

Now I want you to imagine, if you can, the sense of wonder humanity felt the first time it looked up at the stars and realized that they weren’t just pinpricks of light in a crystalline sphere. I want you to imagine the first moment we realized stars aren’t just dots on a black background.

I want you to look up at the night sky and imagine realizing, for the very first time, that each and every tiny dot of light is another sun.

Milky Way

How much more beautiful are the stars, now that we know their nature?

How much more humbling is the sky?

Before we knew, the stars were a mere curiosity. A game of connect-the-dots. Beautiful, but flat. Now that we know them, now that we see their depth…

Truly, knowledge expands our wonder and our awe.

Science only adds.