The universe can be described using mathematics. It can be fully, completely specified using mathematics.

People talk like this is a miracle, which reveals a deep misconception about mathematics.

Any ordered system is structured. Given anything that works, there is a way that it works. These truths are self-evident.

If something works, you can describe how it works. “Math” is just one way of describing how things work.

So saying “the universe can be described in mathematics” is akin to saying “the universe actually works”. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Of course the universe works. Some things stay the same. If you drop a cup, it will always fall. It will always fall in a very specific way: down. It will never leap unbidden from your hand. It will never jump aside at the last moment. It will just fall.

That’s a way that reality works, and so of course we can describe it with mathematics. Mathematics is just a special notation for describing specifically how things work.

Furthermore, it’s not as if humans were handed the Book of Math ten thousand years ago which held all of the True Notation. It’s not like we discovered the entirety of math lying in an ancient cave and only later realized that it was a recipe book for reality.

No, math was invented alongside science. Time and again, scientists have invented new notation in mathematics to describe the new things which they see. Math is a language that we invented to describe rules: the fact that it actually can describe rules shouldn’t come as a shock.

Being surprised that math can describe reality is like inventing a language and being surprised that it can be used to describe your feelings.

The rules of reality didn’t have to be simple. But, insofar as they are rules, they can of course be expressed mathematically. If that’s a surprise then you haven’t been paying attention.