Perhaps it’s too late to change.

Math and science are wrought with contrives, and perhaps these contrives stand in the way of understanding. But they are centuries, sometimes millennia old. Isn’t it too late to change?

No, it is not too late. You must understand that the point is not to teach the weird symbols that currently describe math and science. The point is to teach you the things those symbols symbolize. Once you understand the concepts behind the words, it doesn’t matter what formulas you use to describe them.

In other words, once you know math it’s trivial to shuffle your notation: which is why many mathematicians think that math is good enough. Once you know math and science, the symbols don’t matter.

The time when the symbols matter is when you don’t know math and science. The symbols need to be simplified precisely for new students. If you learn math and science without contrives, it’s easy to pick up the mainstream contrives and understand the existing scientific corpus. But when you’re first learning math and science, contrived concepts are stumbling blocks.

A huge fraction of our society stumbles on our contrives. Scientific literacy is abysmal, despite science unlocking the secrets of the universe. When teaching these secrets simplicity does matter.

It’s never too late to make math and science easier to understand.