Which makes more sense:

The Fourier transform or frequency decomposition?

Euler’s constant or unit growth?

The reduced Planck and Dirac constant or unit angular momentum?

Even if you don’t know what these things are, the latter names give you a hint. The former names are worse than useless.

Names are powerful things. They shape how we think. They shape our intuitions. Names should help us understand the thing they name.

The person who discovered a concept has no bearing upon what the concept means!

Don’t get me wrong. Discovering new things is great. The scientists of yore were geniuses who deserve to be recorded in the annals of history. But they should be recorded in history, not in science. Science is about understating the universe, not about propagating a personhood cult.

The names of scientists have no place in the rules of reality. When the goal is understanding, we must call things what they are.