Math and Science are wrong. They’re not incorrect, but there are other ways to be wrong.

Math notation is an inconsistent relic organically grown over the course of two millennia. It describes beautiful concepts, but the notation is far from optimal.

Science education is intent on reinforcing shattered woldviews with its narrative of resolved confusion. It obscures the deep secrets of reality and locks them in textbooks guarded by a personhood cult.

The result is a world where math and advanced science stand cloaked in an aura of fear and awe. The revelations of the last century are only revealed to those with the mathematical acumen to prove them. The layperson is convinced that the secrets of nature are beyond their ability.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Math and science are far simpler if you drop the baggage of history.

Simplifience is about teaching you those secrets without the historical baggage. Popular culture insists that reality is a difficult place to understand. Quantum physics is treated like a branch of dark magic, and the average physics textbook won’t get within ten chapters of general relativity. Yet these subjects are not intrinsically difficult. Mystery is in your mind, not in the world. Deep physics is scary because its presentation is twisted and confused.

We can do better.

Simplifience doesn’t assume any level of education. It’s for everyone. It’s for people who dropped physics after high school but never lost their curiosity. It’s for people who perk their ears at the words “quantum teleportation” and “entanglement” and have always wondered what secrets reality is hiding from them. It doesn’t matter if you were bad at the math or if you were good at solving all the equations without actually understanding the motions that you dutifully carried out: Simplifience is for everyone who saw the math but didn’t understand the meaning.

Simplifience is a quest to understand the universe.