Why is the sky blue? Why do objects fall? Why are we here? Why?

This question has been asked since the dawn of thought, and it will haunt us until the end of time. Humankind has made incredible progress in the quest to figure out why. We know more about the nature of existence now than ever before. Yet this knowledge is not readily taught.

It’s hidden deep inside textbooks obscured by an ancient and archaic language. Students are dragged through the historical mire, subjected to the same confusion that our forebearers faced.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

This is simplifience. It is not math, it is not science. It is more and it is less.

It is an attempt to explain what we know of reality in simple terms. It is a quest to understand the universe.

Choose a sequence and start reading.

Simplifience is unfinished and currently on hiatus. See the LessWrong Sequences for something similar but more complete.